Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Emmitt the Pug

Mr. Emmitt

I had the good fortune to have a visit from Emmitt the Pug and his wonderful mom, Melissa this week. Yes, that's his mug above. What a personality this little man has! He talks up a storm and is chock full of tricks. And now he knows where I keep the dog cookies so I'm in trouble! He is quite the cutie so I can see why he was Melissa's inspiration for

Speaking of any of you remember Laurel Burch, an Artist from Northern California? She created beautiful, colorful paintings of cats, birds and other creatures and was very successful. She was especially popular in the 70's. She died last week at the young age of 61 from Osteopetrosis, a rare bone disease. I always had greatest respect and admiration for Laurel...she was one of the first people who really inspired me to become an Artist. Thank you, Laurel...for your incredible work, your dedication and for paving the way for other Women Artists. An recent article on her life is here. You can also view her website and amazing work here.

Laurel Burch in her studio

"Live from the voice in your heart and each day will blossom". ~Laurel Burch


Kari & Kijsa said...

She will be remembered fondly for the rich heritage she passed on to others.

blessings, kari and kijsa

Karine said...

Wonderful tribute, Linda. And Emmitt! What a cutie. You can totally see his personality in that photo.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Linda, I just met Melissa through the blogging world yesterday. I love her work and little Emmitt, wow, what a doll he looks like. I'm going to check out the website you posted for your inspirational artist.

Patience-please said...

This is my first visit to your blog. It's delightful!
I especially loved Laurel Burch's horses; so sad that she died so young. She blessed us with such visual feasts.
I also have an "Emmett" though he looks a lot different than Mr. Emmitt! (That is his sister in my photo!) You are welcome to visit my Patience-please blog if you enjoy dog stories.
all the best-

Joy Logan said...

awwwwwwwww loved her colorful art with the blacks in it! So sad,so young huh? I couldn't get enough of her stuff awhile back. Where did your header go?

lynne said...

What a cute face! One you will have to paint! So sorry to hear about Laurel Burch -- since I'm a product of the 70's high school years, I can totally remember a pair of her earrings that I had... What a great talent she was.

Jonna Barnett said...

I am sad to hear about Laurel Burch. I have always loved her artwork and she has also been an inspiration to me. She will be missed.

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm also sorry to hear about Laurel, I've admired her work for years. Thanks for the info Linda.

Rebecca said...

So sad to hear about Laurel. I had some jewelry with her cats on them when I was just a kid. She was huge in the 70's ..very talented and a great business woman. 61 is way too young.

kate said...

This is so sad - I remember sending many of her cat cards for years. My sister has a collection of Laurel Burch bags. I loved reading the article about her and how she coped with her disease from an early age. said...

Hi there,

I just found you through Ruth Welters site... I love your work...I too am an artist and an artisan

I hope it is ok if I add you to my blog list



Garden Painter Art said...

Hi Linda:

So sorry to hear about Laurel Burch. I didn't recognize her name at first, but I know now who she was just by seeing her art.

It's nice to be back to the blogging world. I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much time to keep up with my own blog or read others. I'm hoping to get caught up this week.

Garden Painter Art

Jamie said...

Thanks Linda. What an amazing woman! I know her art of course but didn't know about her life. Definitely reminds me not to whine....

Sandy T-S said...

Boy, do I remember Laurel Burch. I remember always looking at her jewelry in the department stores in Indy when I was a young girl in the 70s and wishing I could buy everything. I have two pairs of earrings that I still wear at least once a week and I still get complements on them. How sad that Laurel passed so young. I will cherish my earrings even more now.

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Mr. Emmitt made me laugh -- what a wonderful, goofy grin he has, and I love his sweet eyes.
I didn't know that Laurel Burch died -- I've always loved her designs and have a coffee mug with a beautiful lion on it. I feel sad. I had read a number of years ago about her disease. She was a amazing person.

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