Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Dogs of 2008 Calendar!

I added this new desk calendar to my Etsy shop today. It's chock full of beautiful little doggie faces to brighten every month of the year in 2008! Hope you enjoy it.

And on a more serious note...I want to send out my very best thoughts to Shari Beaubien today. She and her husband, Steve have been very close to the fires in Los Angeles. Please keep them in your keep them and their house safe and out of harm's way.


Rebecca said...

This is great! Nice graphics work.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

I am so excited! I got mine. Thanks for creating this great calendar Linda! I cannot wait until 2008. :)

Clare said...

Hi Linda! What a cool calendar -- great idea and such adorable little faces! At our dog park, we've talked about doing a calendar too -- with photos of Moose and all his buddies. And yes, I'll keep Shari and her husband in my prayers. I hope the fires get put out really soon.

Ruth Welter said...

Linda, I'm sure you will sell a lot of calendars. Your faces are so expressive and exquisite...just beautiful portraits.


I just bought one, too. Yippee!
Great job, Linda. Look for my "notes to seller" (I made a special request).

Have a great day!

chocolate girl said...

oh i love that i found your sweet little blog. we were recently blessed with a beautiful puppy, (photos on my blog) she has brought much joy and love to our happy home :) i love for you to paint her! she is just beautiful as are your lovely paintings.

i am off to visit your etsy shop and 'heart' you as well :)

Moira said...

Love the calendars, Linda. I think they will be a big hit this season. The Chrismas piggy is awesome!

Sorry about the house :(

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous calendar Linda, such sweet faces