Friday, November 23, 2007

First Snow!

Finally had our first real snow the other day! And look who was lovin' it...Maisie couldn't wait to get out and run around the yard like a little pony. I wish I could have really let her run run RUN...but she's not supposed to yet with the kennel cough. She's getting better but we need to baby her for about another week. We are having a ball with her...she is just the sweetest girl.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Maisie and I are heading to the airport soon to pick up my brother who will stay with us through the weekend. We're actually having our Thanksgiving dinner tonight with him.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately...and the lack of art! This little girl dog is keeping me very busy...and I'm concentrating mostly on dog portraits now until Christmas. I hope to have one to show you next week though. If I can get Maisie to come down the long flight of stairs to my studio in the basement that will help. For now...she's afraid of them, poor baby.

Have a great weekend everyone. xoxo


kate said...

Maisie is a gorgeous dog! Lytton thinks she is lovely - he'd be happy to show Maisie how to negotiate stairs. It took him ages before he'd venture down them. He still can't carry his stuffed animals up the stairs, though he manages coming down without any problem!

Have a great Thanksgiving supper and weekend with your brother.

I'll be looking forward to seeing your new dog portrait!

hugs kate ox

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!

Happy Thanksgiving! Maisie looks like she is having a blast in the snow. I love all of your pictures!
I am so glad she is feeling better.
XO Melissa

LINDSAY said...

Soooo jealous of your snow! We got a few sloppy balls of ice yesterday, but nothing pretty...a wonderful Thanksgiving anyway!

leigh said...

Maisie looks adorable in the snow !

lynne said...

What a great picture! Can hardly wait to see your dog artwork! Love to you and Maise from all of us!

Lynne, Liberty, Ellie and Logan

Karine said...

I am so happy to see these photos of Maise. Pono learned how to climb stairs after watching my Mom's Yorkie run up and down. Before that - he was TERRIFIED of stairs! So just find someone whose dog isn't afraid of them, and invite them over. Maybe that will work.
Karine and Pono

Ruth Welter said...

I bet you are busy with your new addition to the family Linda. She is a sweetie, you enjoy her.

Patience-please said...

Maisie must be feeling like the luckiest dog on the planet right now!
You are creating right now; a bond that will last a precious lifetime. The art will come soon enough.

all the best-

Moira said...

I didn't know you adopted the Sphinx!

Tara Ross Studios said...

snow and doggies,,,,, what could be better! Love the photo!

Shari Beaubien said...

You keep those Maisie pictures coming! I LOVE them!! Hugs, Shari

Ro Bruhn said...

Beautiful picture, but it looks ohhhhhh so cold. So glad we're coming into our summer. We don't get snow very often even in winter.
Enjoy your time with your brother

Sandy T-S said...

Linda, I just love all these beautiful pictures of Maisie! She looks like a sphinx in the snow. I always wanted to have a pharaoh hound, but they are just too big for me. I think that's why I love Coco so much, she reminds me of a miniature pharaoh hound! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and Maisie and James are doing much better!

Amy C Evans said...

such a regal gal, that maisie. she does look beautiful in the snow. can y'all send some of that down our way?

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, miss linda!