Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Sick Doggies!

First of all...I want to thank all of you lovely friends out there for your wonderful and kind comments about Maisie. You had us in tears!...but very happy tears! She is such a joy!

Unfortunately...our first weekend together was a little rough. Maisie and James were both sick. Little Maisie developed kennel cough and James got the flu. I don't know which one was more difficult to handle! hee hee. Anyway...Maisie is taking some doggie "Robitussin" and I am giving her some vitamin C and a homeopathic remedy to boost her immune system. She should be much better in a few days. Poor baby has to limit her activity and can't be around other dogs for about 10 days though...and she's not liking that one bit!

The photo below shows you her cute little tiger stripes...and her spankin' new collar. My Aunt Zieta from California says that Maisie looks like a supermodel! I thought that was so cute.

NOT getting much artwork done right now...but things will settle down in a few days and then the holiday painting frenzy will begin full tilt. Hopefully this little girl won't mind that her new mama needs to pay attention to some other dogs in the 2D form!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
I love see her pictures. She is so expressive and beautiful!
I am glad everyone is feeling better. I have been thinking of you three.
Enjoy the 70 degree weather. :)
XO Melissa

Moira said...

Linda -- I am so happy Maisie found you and vica versa! She's gorgeous!

Hang in there with the kennel cough. I know it can be stressful.

Moira : )

kate said...

Hi Linda,

I'm sorry to hear about the kennel cough. Lytton had that when we first brought him home ... he recovered quickly and was much happier once he could be out romping about with other dogs. I hope Maisie recovers as fast!

I imagine James, your other patient, probably complained more than Maisie did!!

I just wrote a post about your Bianca cards ...

Shari Beaubien said...

She has just the sweetest eyes, Linda. She's a treasure, I can tell! :) Love, Shari

cowbelly said...

I laughed when I read your post, only because I so remember what it was like when I brought 7 month old Fergie home from the shelter.

She had bad diahrrea, severe separation anxiety, liked to chew only my most expensive items (including my graphics tablet I use to design my art!), and needed a lot of attention. It was a long road for about a month, but totally worth it.

You guys will get through this and will be so happy for hanging in there.

And I'm sure she will be happy as a clam to just nestle in around your feet while you work. In time she will be happy and secure knowing this is exactly where she needs to be. :-)

If all else fails, just do what I did and distract her constantly with treat filled toys, lol!

Tara Ross Studios said...

Oh she looks so sweet. I'm so sorry about the kennel cough, my dog had that too, when we first adopted her. This too will pass though. Love her stripes.

Patience-please said...

Lots of healing energy being sent to both of your patients!
from (ha)-
Patience (I can't help it, it was my parents' fault)

jo ~ said...

Hi Linda..

she is just so adorable.. dont you just love the companionship these littles bring to us???

I missed my Pepper so much after almost two years that I got my little PJ and though though she wont replace my baby girl ever she has brought pure joy to me


jo ~ said...

Sorry I have been sick and then lost my internet service for several days and have been trying to catch up.... I should just stop pushing myself... what awful spelling and repeat words and I even left some out .... goodness