Thursday, November 08, 2007

A little bit 'a butter

6" x 7" acrylic on canvas
available here at my Etsy Shop

Ahhh, my love for butter is never ending. Add a little bread...and what more could you ask for. One of the best food combinations ever invented!

So I have a question for you. If you had only four days to fly somewhere for a little r&r...where would it be? James and I want to head out for a little getaway before the end of the year...but it can only be a short trip this time. We don't want to spend much time in route...just want to get somewhere quickly where we can rest and rejuvenate and eat lots of things with butter. If you have any favorite destinations...please spill!

And I feel a TGIF coming on...:)


Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi linda!

fred and my favorite place to go is san diego. it is for us exactly what you described. :) i can tell you where we stay if it sounds like fun. :) we are going back the first few days of january.
fred, emmitt and i are looking forward to seeing you on sat. we will be at the boulder art mart from 12 - 2. :)

Patience-please said...


Jamie said...

Salt Lake City has the best bread ever! said...

Either the beach or the mountains ... both beautiful this time of year... might have better luck at the beach because its off season... imagine sitting on the deck... drink of choice in hand...cuddling ....listening to the soft sound of the waves rolling in.... heaven!!
PS Seafood is great! with lots of butter!!





I adore this little painting. Butter is fantastic. It's the reason I could never go full vegan.

I still owe you a proper e-mail and thank-you for the goodies you sent me. For now, I just wanted to compliment you on the painting. I love it!

And my vote for a getaway spot is Savannah, Georgia. Or New Orleans. HAVE FUN!

cowbelly said...

Hey- I hear they have butter in Santa Fe New mexico. It seems that it would be just a short hop on a plane from you guys, no?

I'll bet it's beautiful at this time of year. :-)

Love the butter painting!!

mmmm, butter...

we should have a national holiday for butter.

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Linda, Love your butter. Again, as with all your work, I love it because I looks like I should be able to just reach out with my knife and cut a bit off. I love bread and butter too, also cheese and throw some soup in the mix and that is a great meal for me.

Where would I go for just a few days...definately Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz NY. If you love nature and hiking, it is a great place. One of my is great too.

Cre8Tiva said...

how about ghost rance...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

Joy Logan said...

Beaches is the bestest place!

Kari & Kijsa said...

If you can hop down to the Florida Keys- the weather is great, the people are nice, and the food- OH THE FOOD!!!- fabulous! Some of the best eating we have ever enjoyed (with lots of butter!)

kari & kijsa

Clare said...

Hi Linda! Your butter painting is yummy!! It makes me want to grab some homemade bread and a little dish of sea salt to dip the buttered bread into. I'm drooling. So is Moose. As far as your trip, how about Sedona, Arizona or Santa Barbara? Or Carmel is nice and it wouldn't be too crowded that time of year. L.A. is nice too, and you'd probably get nice weather. There are some terrific hotels in Santa Monica on the beach, and the restaurants are really good there. Wherever you go I hope you have a wonderful and buttery time!

Jill Beninato said...

Butter, bread, pasta and salad are my favorite things in the world! No diets seem to let you have these (except the salad of course)so that is why I can't lose weight. I love your homage to the almighty stick of butter and as for a travel spot...How about Santa Fe or like someone else said, the Keys...I love it there!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Niwot is pretty special this time of year....the wife and I used to head there a couple of times each year for a vacation.

kate said...

I love your butter painting ...especially the purple plate.

I hope you find a great place ... I'd go to some place warm and sunny... oh lucky you!

Pat M. said...

Ooo, you're butter painting is delicious - and no calories!
My sister who has traveled extensively in Canada tells me that they have no fear of fat there, and the homemade bread and butter appears at every meal and is to die for. So look north for that quick trip to a virtual Europe.
The people are supposed to be very warm, if not the climate at this time of year.
Have fun!