Thursday, February 21, 2008


6" x 6" acrylic and collage on canvas
available in my Etsy shop here

I can't believe I've let another week go by without posting. Geez! These last seven weeks with Maisie in her cast have been sort of surreal. Seems as though all my energy is going into her right now and my creative drive has taken a beating. I know it will all be worth it in the end...and I will have learned another cosmic lesson in patience. All I can say is that James and I will be bringing a bottle of champagne with us when we take this dang cast off next week! Seven days to go and counting!

What IS amazing at this point is that even though Maisie has driven me half crazy, chewed holes in most of my clothes and taken all my time and energy...I love her even more. This accident prone, goofy, silly, high strung dog has dug her way right down to the core of my heart.

"All my dogs have been scamps and thieves and troublemakers and I've adored them all." ~Helen Hayes


Manon Doyle said...

Maisie sounds a lot like my dog Otis. It's funny how much we love them even though they drive us batty!
The Helen Hayes quote is great.
Your "Spoon" is fab!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
I love your new spoon painting and your goofy dog!
m & e

Sandy T-S said...

I really like spoon Linda! It's cool! Good luck with the cast removing ceremony next week! I'll drink to that! Love ya! Sandy and the rest of your Windy City Gang!

Karine said...

Hi Linda,

I love your spoon painting! Purple and green are my two favorite colors.

Now, Maisie, you stop being such a high maintenance kid, will you? Pono was wondering if he could take you out for a post cast romp... sometime.

Patience-please said...

I love that quote. I have found that when the muse is displaced for a while, when it comes back, it comes back in a wild storm of wonderful creativity. Get ready!


Donna said...

Maisie is so sweet, and I know she can't wait till that cast comes off as much as you do! We love our babies no matter what, don't we?
Love the colors in your new painting!

Rebecca said...

a spoonful of patience?
Nice work.

NeereAnDear said...

HI Linda... omgoodness the high strung... hole chewing little darling sounds just like PJ

In answer to your question we adopted her and have no clue what she is ... we were told beagle mix but she looks nothing like a beagle....and of course everyone sees the brindle and thinks immediately a pit bull but that is SO NOT the case here... there are so many othere breeds that are brindle besides a pit bull

Someone actually mentioned a plott hound which is an american bred hunting dog...and said she looks like full blood line... I looked it up and she has many of the traits including that might be a possibility... she was found with three other pups running wild like a maniac LOL and there are days she still seems to be one ... she doesnt have a large yard to run in a and few times her leash has gotten out of my hand and she will run circles around me with it trailing behind her ... its almost like she is laughing at me... she is a pistol...

I wish I knew sometimes ... then agian sometimes I dont

I am going to look up the breed you mentioned you have peeked my curiosity



NeereAnDear said...

Well now I must say that I am even more confused... she definitely does look like she is part dutch shepherd... the short hair... and she has so many of the traits from that one too... loyalty... sweet... very protective of me... and if left alone gets into all kinds of trouble... such as... two days after we got her she chewed up two computer cords.... now I am really wondering ... maybe they are sistes LOL



Laura said...

ooh, really love this painting!! i will be clinking my glass to yours as Maisie's cast comes off. i'm sure she will feel like a new woman!!

Susan Tuttle said...

You are such a wonderful mum to your dog!

Lovely piece - I love the way you make ordinary items extraordinary in your art.


Ruth Welter said...

What a lovely piece Linda, love the spoon, just could reach right out and touch it.

Maisie is a sweetie, glad she will be getting her cast off soon. Imagine how much more trouble she can get into once it comes off. : )

Mutt Nutt said...

Will the next painting be a bottle of champagne? What a great quote from Hayes, it cannot be truer.

Hang in there, Maisie! xoxo

cowbelly said...

One more week to go? Hey- that's THIS Thursday, right? OMG whoopee!

Love the colors in the spoon painting Linda. The green and purples are beautiful together, and I love how the spoon looks old and sort of tarnished. Very purty.

Sandy said...

I love this.!!! I wanna link you from my "spoon blog". I have a whole blog dedicated to "spoons". This is just so cool.