Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Wonderful Artists

"The Gift"
by Shari Beaubien

I have two beautiful new art pieces that grace my house now. The above print was a gift from my friend, Shari Beaubien...from her original 22" x 28" painting, "The Gift". Shari is such a sweet person and sent me this to cheer me up knowing the Maisie Mayhem I've been going through. What a smile it brought to my face and what a talent she is. Thank you, Shari!

"Another Year"
5.5" x 6.5"
paint, collage, paper, graphite, beeswax on wood
by Michele Maule

I recently purchased this beautiful painting above on Etsy from another amazing Artist, Michele Maule. I did a blog post awhile back on Michele's work and when I saw this chair painting I just had to have it. What she wrote about it really spoke to me...

"Since moving to Michigan, and the few months before our move, I felt, and feel, like I am just waiting. Waiting for certain events to happen before I can move to the next step. I suppose most of life is like this..."

This is SO my life the last two months; waiting for Maisie to heal, waiting and hoping for a friend's recovery from cancer, waiting to have the time to do the work I need to do, waiting...waiting...WAITING! Besides all that though, I just think it's such a cool painting.

So did you see the Academy Awards last night? I was a little disappointed that Julie Christie didn't win Best Actress. Her performance in "Away From Her" was really stunning. We usually have some champagne on Oscar night...but this year we're saving that very special bottle for Friday when Maisie gets her cast off. She's gonna get some too! Cheers to Maisie girl!


Moira said...

Wonderful new pieces, Linda. "Another Year" is speaking to me too. I'm having that kind of "waiting" day.

Sending healing wishes to Maisie and your friend.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Linda!
What beautiful art you got! How wonderful! I love them both!
Fred and I just saw "Away from Her" last week and really enjoyed it too.
If you get a chance tomorrow, check out the etsy spring showcase. i bought my pugs a spot.:)
love ya!

Karine said...

Hello Linda,

How excited you must be, to have two such beautiful new pieces of art! Congratulations! Not long now, Maisie! Hang in there, you gals!

Patience-please said...

Oh, I do love them both! Miss Maisey will be sprung from her cast for Spring!


chocolate girl said...

the paintings are just lovely. i too can relate to the 'waiting'. i don't want to wish away the 'moment' in my waiting hours, but that is a fine art i am learning everyday :)

cheers to maisie! what good news!

yes, i too was disappointed the julie christy did not win. i truly loved that movie and she did such a great job.


cowbelly said...

Linda have you seen this blog?:

She has a painting that looks like Abbey and the piece 'the gang celebrates love' is just darling.

I immediately thought of you when I stumbled upon it.

Can't wait to hear how the big 'cast removal' party goes! Will you take pictures to share with your anxious bloggers?

Manon Doyle said...

It's so much fun to get new artwork. They're both awesome.

Hopefully spring will bring an end to all your waiting and everything will start to look up!

Anonymous said...

I bet Milo would love to meet Maise. I've been to Colorado and Denver many a time and nothing beats those rocky mountains...and they scare me when driving through them at times. :)
So nice to visit.

Jonna said...

I love Shari's work and thank you for sharing Michele Maule...I love her stuff. I do so want to see "Away From Her" but my mother has the A word (as we say around here) and I'm sure that I would be in tears through the whole movie. I love Julie Christie. I lift my glass to Maisie's cast off party.

kate said...

Those are beautiful new artworks you have - much deserved! It will be so wonderful when Maisie gets her cast off. Lytton and I will raise a toast too! (he is sound asleep from having a long romp through deep snow - he kept disappearing and then reappearing making these funny snorting sounds - I could have sworn he was giggling with me.)

Maisie and L. could get themselves into a lot of mischief, even if I do always tell L. that Maisie is a very good girl and always behaves and never causes her mum to wonder where she left the butter...

Enjoy the champagne ... it has been a trying time for you lately.

Ro Bruhn said...

What beautiful paintings, both so different.
Hope Maisie's on the mend.

jaYne @ The Oddbird Studio said...

I especially love the chair painting.... Oh, and I'm counting the days with you on Maisie... I KNOW what it's like worrying and stressing over those babies.... Hugs to you and Maisie dog..

NeereAnDear said...

I really love the symbolism in both of the paitings... how lucky are you to be the proud owner..

Not long and Maise will be out of that cast...

Count down beginning...



Rebecca said...

love both of these. You are a good etsy hunter. The chair painting is wonderful ... sweet, happy, empty, full, hopeful, and yes waiting.

nice post!

Ruth Welter said...

Thanks for telling us about these 2 artists Linda... really awesome work. I'm gunna go check out their work.

I hope Maisie is doing well. I know my 3 Tzus are getting really sick of winter and the snow. : )

NeereAnDear said...




Michele Maule said...

Has Maisie had her cast off yet?
Hope everything went well, or is going to go well :)

Thanks so much for posting my art on your blog! I am so glad you like it!

Trijnie said...

Beautiful thanks

Nabeel said...

i like this picture a lot .. it is uplifting and only a hint of colors except in the balloon is very nice. the balloon is what makes it uplifting.