Friday, August 08, 2008

Waxing poetic

I had the great pleasure of taking an Encaustics class at the Art Students League in Denver on Wednesday. I have always wanted to learn the medium, so my friend, Melissa and I headed there together to spend the day with hot wax. We were joined by another wonderful Artist and Printmaker, Alicia McKim...who also teaches at the League. We had a wonderful day together...just what I needed to get my mind off the upcoming move!

My two encaustic pieces (nice try?)

Me, Melissa and Alicia

James and I become the new owners of the house today! We'll be unloading the POD there this weekend although the big move is on the 21st. I'll take some new pics this weekend to show you. Excitement is in the air!

Have a great weekend everyone! xox


Leslie Moore said...

Are you that tall, Linda? Or is Melissa that short? So much energy in such a small package! Glad you two are having fun being creative together. Good luck in your move!

Rebecca said...

Leslie ... I think the answer is yes to both ...tall & short. Such cute skinny girls! I wanna live close to them so I can play.

I do want to learn this technique.

Question Linda: is the wax color tinted or just clear?

AJ said...

Congrats to the new owners!!!!! And yes I didn't realize how tall you were :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi linda!
I had the best time at class with you! What a fun day!
We are a good team and the giggling is just a given when we are together!

Manon Doyle said...

I'm so jealous that you and Melissa got to to take this class together. I saw the pic on Melissa's blog but didn't put it all together! Boy are you tall Linda! Melissa looks like a little thing in between both of you. The class looked awesome..... I have two walls in my house that are encaustic. Very cool!

Karine said...

Encaustic!!! How cool. I am so glad you and Melissa and Alicia got to be there together, too. I wish I had been there, too!!!! Congrats, new house owners!

Joy Logan said...

You lucky thats the one thing I am dying to learn,encaustic. Have a blast!

Patience-please said...

Encaustics made the rounds in Lowertown and the artists had so much fun! Everything was soft and a little out of focus for a while, like we (the viewers) all had vaseline on our glasses!
How exciting for you with your new house and STUDIO!!! It's so energizing to be in a new space.


Anonymous said...