Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Work and Pet Haiku

"Blue River"
acrylic, collage and ink on canvas
available in my Etsy shop here

Here's the second of the three paintings I've been working on. The first was Dudley, the second is this Abstract...and the third is still in progress. My only hint about the third one is that it's yellow and sniffs. Hmmm...

I came across this article from the other day about their first annual Pet Haiku Contest. Here are a couple of them that really tickled me...hope you enjoy the rest!

"Gunther the glutton / preys on food left out, alone / No cheese plate is safe." -Leslie Nuccio

"We wanted a dog / But we got a toad instead. / You can't walk a toad." -Emerald (Age 12)


Kris said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and kind words about the new boxes.
This piece of yours is great. I love the colors and composition.
BTW, have you seen Wendy and Lucy? Movie about a woman and her dog.

Rebecca said...

lovely work and thanks for the haiku link ...great poems over there.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
oh i love this abstract! It is beautiful.

the last poem cracked me up! thank you for the link. i will go and read more of them. :)

NeereAnDear said...

FABULOUS painting.... I truly love your ideas ....its fantastic......I am guessing the sniffing painting is one of a dog ?? LOL only thing I could come up with

PJ sends sloppy wet kisses ... and I send HUGS to you and Maise....

Getting better but still not quite up to snuff


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Linda,

Love your newest abstract. You do them so beautifully.

I'm also guessing that the sniffer is a dog portrait....I will have to wait and see.


kate smudges said...

Love the colours of 'Blue River'. The pet haikus are wonderful. Big hugs to you and Maisie!!

Amy C Evans said...

HA! Love the haikus, especially the cheese one. So true ;)

Karine said...

Hi Linda!

I like the textures you are getting in this abstract. It must be really something in person.

"you can't walk a toad..." that's funny.