Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sizing things up

"Summer Whisper"
8" x 8" acrylic and collage on canvas

I decided to paint a smaller size again after the previous two paintings. Most of the new paintings I've been working on are larger sizes...but I decided to go back and paint this 8" x 8" just as an experiment. Funny...but I found it was difficult to go back to mini-land! After tackling the previous 24" x 24", I feel like I'm better able to translate these new ideas onto larger canvases. I love the look of smaller, boxed canvas paintings though so I'm sure I will be doing more.

Take a looksie at the EBSQart blog's "Friday Five" today...I'm one of the featured Artists. There are some great blog links there to check out.

Hope the weekend is a good one for you! James and I are going to an Art Opening tonight...then dog-sitting Emmett, the Chocolate Lab tomorrow. He's coming to spend the day here with Maisie so I'm sure there will be lots of silly antics in the kiddie pool!


Donna said...

Love the painting and love the title, Linda! And congrats on being a featured artist.

Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like Maisie is going to have a ball.


Karine said...

Hi Linda,

These new paintings seem free, somehow. As though you have relaxed into them. I know what you mean about working small after having worked larger. It's often difficult to downsize!