Friday, July 23, 2010

Under the Wire!

"In The Midst"
24" x 24" acrylic and collage on canvas

Prints available at and my Etsy Shop

Just sliding in here before the end of the week! This is the next in line of the new series. I'm really enjoying the layering process with these. The colors always become so much richer as each layer happens.

Also, take a looksie at this cool blog, Wattlebird. Abby Creek is featured there today along with some other Artists here in Boulder. It's a great place to find Etsy Artists in your local area.

Have a great weekend and have fun! Think we'll be taking Maisie for a swim at some point. That girl is lovin' the water lately!


Patience-please said...

Ooooh!! Look what I've been missing! NICE!!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi linda!
oh my gosh!

i love it!
it was so wonderful to spend the morning with you yesterday!
have a wonderful weekend in our cooler temps! yayayayay!

Gerushia's New World said...


Not only are you a magnificent artist in general, buy you are a master of color as well!!

Gerushia's New World

Cherry.Tree.Girl said...

Congratulations on your feature. Great new painting. Do you participate in any of the art shows in the area? I just attended one in Boulder this weekend and would have loved to seen you and your works there! :)

Farah said...

wow! this painting is brilliant! the color composition is very interesting...great series!