Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fire and Rain

View from the studio

This was the view from my studio yesterday afternoon. What a blessing the rain was! With the terrible Fourmile fire that has been burning in the Foothills of Boulder...the cooler air, the moisture and the clouds were a beautiful site. We saw this rainbow as we were driving home after the storm so I grabbed my camera as soon as we got here and took a picture. I've never seen a double rainbow quite like THIS. It was as if we were driving right through it and could see the full arches touching ground on each side of us. Pretty spectacular!

24" x 36" acrylic and collage on canvas

prints available at and Etsy

This is a new painting...decided to go horizontal instead of the vertical format this time. I'm working on another 30 x 40 right hopefully will have that one and a few others to show you very soon.

Please keep good thoughts for all those affected by the fire, both human and animal. There was a great Letter to the Editor in the newspaper this morning reminding people about the Louisiana law of 2006 where people are no longer forced to leave their animals behind in emergency evacuations and where hotels must accept animals when people are in need of shelter after a tragedy. At least that was something good that came from the events of Hurricane Katrina.

Gonna go hug Maisie now and be very thankful that we are all safe and together and still have a home.


Rebecca Collins said...

Lovely photo. Been thinking about you & Melissa with the news of the fires. Glad you are safe.

Sandra said...

Hi Abby. This is the type of thing we don't ever have to deal with in Britain. I can't imagine how unsettling it must feel. What a lovely image to come back to! That beautiful double rainbow!
I love the painting too. I'm curious to know how you create them :0)

Diane said...

Hi Linda,
You photograph is beautiful. I'm sure the rain was a blessing. I understand Melissa could see the flames from her house. You are all in our thoughts! I love your new painting also. xoxo Diane

bodylift said...

Again fantastic work by you Linda! I am really surprised this time. Because it is truly awesome. This is best combination of nature.