Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Glass is Half Full

"Half Full"
12" x 24" acrylic and collage on canvas

Prints available at and Etsy

I love paintings with any kind of "vessel" in them...whether it be a bowl, cup, glass, vase, whatever! Thought I would incorporate one in my new abstract series.

James (my treasured and trusted art critic!) pointed out to me yesterday that I seem to be a little too comfortable with a similar color palette in my work lately. I think he may be I'm pushing myself in a different direction with the 30" x 40" painting I'm working on now.

Maisie wanted to make an appearance today so thought I would post this photo of her from our mountain hike last Sunday. She reminds me of Rin Tin Tin here...for those of you who REMEMBER Rin Tin Tin. Geez...I feel old now!

Maisie O'Neill, stalker of chipmunks


Donna said...

I remember Rin Tin Tin, and Maisie is beautiful!

Love this new painting, Linda!


Diane said...

She looks just stunning standing there. Wish I could plant my lips on her! xoxo Diane

The Odd Bird said...

She looks so regal... and you are right... Rin Tin Tin.... Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember... ; )

Ruth Welter said...

I really love your new painting Linda and the direction you have been going in. I guess it is true for all of us artists....we do have a favorite color palette!! There are just some colors I just plain love to use. : )

I especially like your colors because they are bright and happy and I associate them with your work. I guess I love color and frankly, I detest blah art. To me, anything worth hanging must have color and you certainly never fail to deliver that.


Sandra said...

I've never yet seen a painting of yours that I don't like - They are all just exquisite!

Amanda Makepeace said...

You're in the EBSQ Friday Five! :D

r garriott said...

I find these colors very appealing! Nice work.
~ aRt

Rebecca Collins said...

Lovely work as always, and wow, Maisie's markings are stunning in this shot. Linda you usually post great pics of your girl, but I have always had the impression she is a sort of a big goofball ( I mean that in the kindest sense). You know she was hurting herself when young, and she is a big strong happy girl. But wow, this photo really makes her look noble and just sort of amazing. Great photo! I am seeing a whole new side to Miss Maisie here. Maybe she is growing up.

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