Monday, January 10, 2011

A Chilly New Year!

Maisie in her spankin' new booties.

Hi everyone...Happy New Year to you! I had to pop in to show you this picture of Maisie wearing her new Muttluk boots. We've had a couple of cold snaps here in Boulder where it hasn't gotten above the low teens all day. When it's that cold...these boots are great and keep her paws nice and toasty.

I've been pretty voiceless on the blog lately and I'm sorry about that because I love hearing from you all. I think working towards my show since early last year has temporarily left me with a "brain freeze"! I have been so consumed with having a voice within my paintings...that my own physical voice has really had to look for words.

Hope to show you some new work soon though. As always, I treasure the voice of each and every one of YOU. Hope your New Year is starting off with a sparkle!


Anonymous said...

Oh man....stylin' girl!
(sez Ant M)

Sheila said...

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one afflicted with nonpaintyittis. Happy New Year Linda and Maisie really knows how to strike a pose!

Diane said...

She is just the cutest, Linda! I've shared her on Facebook & everone loved her! What's not to love, I ask?? xoxo Diane

Donna said...

Ha! How cute Maisie looks!

Happy 2011, Linda!


NeereAnDear said...

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

So ... I showed PJ Maises boots and now she is jealous and wants a pair too... says they are quite chic!! dont ya know... she also wants me to send you and Maise "puppy" hugs!

Dont feel so bad about not blogging ...... we all need a break .... burnout can be awful..

Sending lots of hugs from the two of us to the two of you

LINDSAY said...

I always think my doggie could use some of those, but alas, I know she'd chew them off!