Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Work and Inspiration

30" x 30" acrylic and collage on canvas

Here's my first new painting for 2011. I'm already thinking about a Snippet for this one!

So you know how things start serendipitously showing up in your life when you're looking for inspiration? Well, I was reading the Sunday "Pink Section" of the San Francisco Chronicle that James' Mom always sends us. There was an article about Javier Bardem and his new movie, "Biutiful" and he spoke to the fact that some people might find his new movie too somber. I loved the way he compared it to the work of Francis Bacon. Hope it inspires you too!

"I make a comparison with Francis Bacon's paintings. Some people can't take his paintings because he is too hard and they go out of the museum and go, 'Wow, that was too tough for me. I feel sad'.
But some people stand still in front of his paintings and they see what is behind that drawing. There is compassion. There is love. There is a man who wants to create love out of that paint and bring passion to those characters, and that is what I think this movie is about." ~ Javier Bardem


Donna said...

Hi Linda, Oh my, this is beautiful! Love love the colors. I have to confess I'm not a very big fan of Frances Bacon's paintings.

Hugs to you,

Sandra said...

I'm with Donna on Francis Bacon - But this is STUNNING!Those uplifting, vibrant colours are so beautifil!

Diane said...

Positively magnificent, Linda. I love everything about it. xo Diane

Leslie Moore said...

I love the colors and the lyricism of this painting. It moves like music.

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful artwork, Linda!

Diane said...

Magnificent, Linda. I love everything about it...& it's large too!

bodylift said...

Linda! Your work is really awesome and it is impressed many of hearts. Your thoughts are too goos. Thanks.