Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Love From Me" Project

My page in the 2011 "Love From Me" Project

Sara Harley has done it again! She has created another beautiful art book which will help to raise funds for cancer charity. Last year's book, "PAWS for Charity" was a great success in raising money for breast cancer charity. It was dedicated to the love we have for our animals.

The purpose of this years book, "Love From Me" is "to provide inspiration to people going through a period of personal challenge, and to raise funds for cancer charity." Artists who wanted to participate were asked to submit images that were inspirational or uplifting in some way.

My painting, "Opening" was selected as one of those images. I was thinking of so many things while I was working on, healing, inspiration, growth and light. It seemed like the perfect image to send Sara.

"Love From Me" is now available for purchase at where you can see a full preview of the book. This would make a very special Mother's Day think about purchasing one to support cancer charity. All proceeds from the book go to The Rose Fund.

Thank you, Sara...for putting together this beautiful new book and for your generous spirit!


Sara said...

Thank YOU, Linda, for participating in this project!

Robin said...

Beautiful work..!

bodylift said...

Really good project this from you. I am much impressed with it. Thanks for sharing this.

Property Tunisia said...

Great Work Manezil

Joy Logan said...

WOW your abstracts are stunning Linda!