Friday, May 25, 2007

New Dog Painting

12" x 13" acrylic and collage on canvas

This is Mr. latest dog commission. Isn't he the cutest!? What a lucky client I have that has this big boy in her family. I REALLY enjoyed painting this one.

And thanks for all your sympathies (that I shamelessly sought out!) about my dental surgery. It wasn't all that bad other than the fact that I've had silly putty like bandages in my mouth and couldn't eat any solid food all week. I became very cranky yesterday and by 6:00 couldn't control myself. I went to the store and bought some very soft rolls, slabbed them with butter and chewed them between my front teeth. If you can visualize a squirrel eating...that was me.

Hope you all have a really nice weekend. Enjoy yourselves and think of me when you're eating all that solid food from the barbie! Can you barbecue Cream of Wheat?


Garden Painter Art said...


I'm glad that your dental surgery is over, but I know it's so hard not to be able to eat solid food. I think humans have a need to chew!!

And...this latest dog commission is awesome. I love, love, love his mouth! How did you manage to get that ooey gooey look on his jowls?

Garden Painter Art

Clare said...

Hi Linda! When I clicked on your blog and Mr. Frankie appeared, I wanted to give him a big kiss right on his forehead. What a delight! And his eyes look right into you. And the background color and dots are really cool.
I am really sorry about mouth -- it was a cute image of you eating bread and butter with just your front teeth, though. I hope you heal up really fast and that you also have a great weekend.

Kate said...

I like Mr. Frankie's colours - he has the cutest eyes. Did you know brownies go down pretty well without much chewing? That's what I'd make for you to enjoy this weekend. It would beat Cream of Wheat ... and all the bbq people would be wanting some of your brownie stash!

I hope your mouth is feeling better ... and that you can relax over the long weekend!!

Sandy T-S said...

Oh My God Linda, Frankie is gorgeous! He has the most beautiful eyes! Your client is going to be so happy with their painting! Wow!

Jill Beninato said...

AWWWWW, I love Frankie! I bet his owners are going to luv his portrait...I like the graphic dots in the background and the are the master!

Artpuppy said...

Wow! That's a wonderful potrait.

sadie pink said...

I LOVE Frankie!! How perfect, I can see his personality shining through....great background too.

Holly Stinnett said...

What a fabulous piece! Frankie looks like a character... I'm sure you captured him perfectly. I love the ticking around his nose (that's what the freckles are called, right?). Just precious.

And your beautiful shot of your dog and the poem below are so special. Makes my heart feel full.

Christine Humphries said...

Thank you for your recent post; I appreciate your kind words. I must reciprocate and tell you that I am IN LOVE with this painting! I've looked at it every day since you've posted it. The background is fantastic.

You remain an inspiration as I get my business off the ground. I took your advice and got postcards printed.....Thanks again!

Rebecca said...

This is a stunning portrait! Well done. The eyes are great.

cowbelly said...

This portrait is so frigging good is practically demands profanity! I love the loose look of the jowels and how you captures the softness of the boxer fur is beyond me.

Truly awesome job Linda!!