Monday, May 28, 2007

Sweet Princess Abby

Well, wouldja look at THIS! I just received this Abby Doll from my sweet friend, Kimberly Wlassak of Garden Painter Art. Kim was so helpful to me after Abby's passing...and this is just another dear thing she's done for me. She titled it "Sweet Princess Abby" and totally captured Abby's girly, fun loving spirit here. I can't thank you enough, Kim for this little treasure. The doll itself is just beautiful...but the added bonus is that the arms, legs, and wings all move. Abby can dance, fly, wave...or anything else she desires. I love it!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. By the way...if you're in the mood for a really good DVD movie, watch "The Painted Veil". I wished we'd seen this one on the big screen for the incredible vistas of China. Beautiful!


Holly Stinnett said...

Oh.... this is absolutely wonderful. Such a special treat and a lovely remembrance of your beloved. Dot was so good to me and made me a special collage after Chloe passed and it really made me smile and made my day. How sweet of your friend to do this for you. I know you'll treasure it forever.

I watched The Painted Veil last weekend. Very enjoyable and love that time period!

Take care,

Karine said...

This is a wonderful reminder of your girl, Abby. What a cool doll. I will have to post on Kimberly's blog, too. Fun.

Clare said...

"Sweet Princess Abby" is the best! Her happy face and wings make me smile the biggest smile. I love the crown on her head, too. And it's so cool that her limbs and wings move -- that is so right on! Your friend Kimberly is awesome. I will check out the movie "The Painted Veil" -- thanks for the recommendation. Have a great week! I hope your mouth is better!

Shari Beaubien said...

Love "Princess Abby" as well as Frankie and the twinkle in those soulful eyes. You poor thing... I didn't eat anything from the barbie either. I tried corn on the cob, but the jaw wouldn't tolerate it. I feel your pain, at least a little... Hugs, Shari

Garden Painter Art said...


You are so sweet. I am so happy that you like Sweet Princess Abby. It was a pleasure making her. May she dance, fly and wave forever!!

Garden Painter Art