Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Tomato Painting

"EH Tomato"
5" x 6" acrylic and collage on paper

So, I'm wondering if I should start calling these paintings "Abstills"? They're not a traditional still life...and not quite an abstract. Let's see...how about "Lifestracts"? NOT!

I don't know if any of you watch the "American Masters" series on PBS? We watched one the other night about Annie Leibovitz that was wonderful. I've always loved her work and I appreciate her even more now. Her photos are powerful and unique. You always know a Leibovitz photo when you see it.

By the way...I DID start an Abby Creek Etsy shop so take a looksie when you have some time. I just posted the above painting for sale.


Clare said...

Hi Linda! I adore your EH Tomato! Its color and shape are great. Abstills and Lifestracts are fun names! And I also really like Annie Leibovitz -- her photos are fantastic. Have you seen her new book of photos? I checked out your Etsy shop and it looks so beautiful -- all your paintings look gorgeous! Very cool.

Ro Bruhn said...

I've said it before but your fruit and veg are so realistic Linda, I could reach into the picture and pluck the tomato from the painting, just lovely.

Karine said...

Your etsy shop looks great, Linda! Congratulations, and good luck. Wonderful new tomato painting, too. I like BOTH of the names for your paintings, but I think I leaning toward Abstills. Fun!

Kate said...

I visited your etsy shop and loved it - one of these days, I will buy one of your lovely creations.

These abstract/still life pictures are fresh and vibrant. I love the colours! And I love the Abby Doll you received. It is gorgeous ... the crown and wings are beautiful touches!