Monday, June 04, 2007

Rose for you

Now don't faint...but I actully GREW this rose! For those of you who don't know me...I have a rather blue thumb. I can't seem to grow many things very well...but I can grow some decent roses . I probably have it in my blood because my dad had the most beautiful rose garden at our house in California. He had at least 25 rose bushes that he cared for...and the sweetest part is that he usually gave them away to people in the neighborhood because they loved them so much. Now mind you...I only have two rose bushes going at the moment but I do plan to have more in the future. They remind me of my dad so I like to have them around. My dad still grows them too...and he hasn't lost his touch. They will always be one of my favorite flowers.


Sandy T-S said...

My Mom had a rose garden when we lived down in Indianapolis. It was in our backyard right outside the kitchen. They were so beautiful! I have a green thumb like my Mom and Dad! I can't kill anything!!! I've always thought it would be great to have a greenhouse! If only I had money, Oh to dream!

Christine Humphries said...

My thumb isn't's black. I only have luck with aloe, and I give aloe babies away to my friends. This is a beautiful shot of a beautiful flower. Great job!

Kate said...

Oh Linda ... your post and the beautiful rose made my day! See you have a green thumb with roses. (and roses are a challenge for me!) Give yourself a pat on the back for me! kate ox

Judy Wise said...

Good job Linda! Beautiful rose and beautiful photograph of it. I don't really believe you have a blue thumb.

Garden Painter Art said...


That's an amazing rose. It looks like a florist rose, only with more texture and character!! I think you should absolutely continue growing roses. You may have a blue thumb in the garden in general, but your rose growing thumb is definately green!!

Garden Painter Art

Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful rose. I picked some this morning from my garden, it's unheard of here in JUNE it's supposed to be winter, but we had the mildest autumn on record, so my flowers continue to bloom.
I don't mind I hate the cold weather.

Julie at BV said...

gorgeous rose Linda. and such a sweet dad.