Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend of Art Snooping

Hi everyone...thanks for the nice anniversary wishes! James and I had a great time celebrating in Denver over the weekend.

We both wanted to see lots of art while we were there so we went to several galleries and the Denver Art Museum. The main draw for me at the museum was a new exhibit by Fritz Scholder, one of my favorite American Artists. The exhibit was called, "A New Indian Image" and he had some fantastic paintings and prints on display.

"Red #6"
80" x 68" acrylic on canvas
Fritz Scholder, 1994

The other exhibit we saw was an installation by Sandy Skogland called "Fox Games". The photo below is only a partial view of the entire piece. You can actually walk through the installation and experience this awesome scene as if you were in it. It was truly mind altering. It looked a little like "Maisie" dogs gone wild!

"Fox Games"
Sandy Skogland, 1989

Last but not least, we went to one of our favorite cooperative galleries called, "Zip 37". We both really enjoyed the work of Denver Artist, Danyl Cook. Danyl had a solo exhibit which included several small 6" x 6" portrait paintings that we just loved. My favorite one was the one below, his self-portrait.

6" x 6" acrylic on canvas
Danyl Cook, 2010

So now that I've been inspired by so many incredible Artists...I'd best get back to painting! Hope to show you some new work very soon.


Gerushia's New World said...


Sounds like you and James had a fabulous time touring the Art Museums!!

I love everything that you've showed here. Especially Fox Games. I would love to be able to walk through it.

Michelle | Vinyl Banner Printing said...

I like how the first one looks like a samurai!~ Cool artwork and choice of colors. I'm sure action fans will love this.

Susan Tuttle said...

oh wow -- thank you for sharing the art you have been inspired by:)

Diane said...

Great stuff, Linda. Thanks for sharing! xoxo Diane

Sue said...

Hi Linda...a belated Happy Anniversary!! Sue.