Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Canvas Art Prints

Snippet #1
from "Upon Delicate Earth"
6" x 6" x 1.5" canvas print on birchwood panel

You can purchase one
here on Etsy

The word "Snippet" is defined as a "bit, fragment, morsel, part, piece, scrap, smidgen or snip".

As many of you already know...I have a thing for Snippets so I am launching a new series of them today. I'm taking visual bits and snips of my original paintings, new and older and am making special prints of them with slighty different compositions. I'll be making these with both abstract and still life imagery.

The Snippets are printed on primed canvas with archival pigment inks and are adhered to a birchwood boxed panel with archival matte medium. The prints measure 6"w x 6"h x 1.5"d. They are varnished for UV and handling protection and are ready to hang! They look great sitting on a shelf, desk or grouped together on a wall.

The great thing about these boxed prints is that they are an affordable gift for yourself or anyone as an alternative to original art.

I'm giving away one of the above Snippets as a gift to one of YOU, my awesome and supportive blog friends. Just leave a comment and Maisie, the wonder dog, will put all your names in the magic randomizer. She will announce the winner next Wednesday, October 13th.

Good luck and see you soon! xox

Snippet #2
from "Tranquil Voyage"
6" x 6" x 1.5" canvas print on birchwood panel

You can purchase one here on Etsy


Leigh said...

are you mounting the prints on the birchwood panels ? they look great. I like this look. love the colors on snippet #2.

Melissa and Emmitt said...


i LOVE the snippets!
how wonderful!

Please sign me up for your generous giveaway.

emmitt and i hope we win!
it sure is going to be hard to walk around with all of our toesies crossed until the 13th!

zenmasterlauren said...

These are AMAZING!!! I found your blog by seeing Melissa's wonderful post on Facebook. Please enter me in too---how wonderful it would be to win one of your beautiful works of art!

M said...

Oh but that is tres magnifique! Les Snippets make me feel like a leaf in autumn! Ant M

Sara said...

Great idea! Love the color combinations. Please count me in!

The Odd Bird said...

Linda, I love how these look. You know I love abstract (and dogs.. : ) ) Happy Fall!!!!! Hugs...

Donna said...

Love these, Linda! Ooo, how I would love to win too!

Hugs to you and Maisie,

Diane said...

Oh Linda, please count me in! What a great giveaway! xoxo Diane

Manon Doyle said...

Love the idea, Linda!! They are amazing!! xo

Karine said...

Hi Linda!

Your snippets are really cool. I would be thrilled to be in your generous giveaway!!!

Keep up the great work,

Rainbowdog said...

Love the idea of mounting them on the birch wood panel. Beautiful colors, and I would be thrilled to be entered to win one! Love your work.

Felcy said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
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