Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Surfacing SNIPPET

Milk Snippet

Hello!...and can you believe it's the middle of November already? Sheesh. Anyway...thought I would pop in to show you a few photos that some very special people sent to me. Sara Harley, who recently won my Snippet giveaway sent me the Milk Snippet she chose from my Etsy shop. Thanks, Sara...it looks great in your kitchen! Read Sara's blog post about it here.

...from a distance

The photo below was sent to me by my dear friend, Barbara Guss. She purchased my "Oranges on a Blue Plate" print awhile back and this is now where it happily lives...in her beautiful Santa Fe home. I just love the print with her decor. Thank you, Barbara!

Oranges on a Blue Plate

On another note...I've been workin' away here in the studio although have been stuck on one painting for awhile. I've drawn, scratched, rubbed, scraped and changed colors several times but it just hasn't come together yet. Let's just say I've wanted to take a hammer to it today!

As frustrating as painting can sometimes be...having it work in the end IS worth the effort. I just have to step away, breathe, maybe take Maisie for a walk...then get back in the ring again. Some creative juju always helps too!


Donna said...

Your paintings are wonderful, Linda, and they look great in their new homes.

I'm sure your creativity will be back in a jiff!

Hugs to you and Maisie!

Sandra said...

They look wonderful in their new homes! :0)

Ruth Welter said...

Loved seeing your prints in their new homes LInda.

Boy do I know the feeling about a tough painting that just will not come together...I've had so many myself. It seems like some paintings come together so easily from beginning concept to finished piece, while others make us want to pull our hair out. I always feel though, that the best paintings are the ones that are on the edge for me....I'm not sure if they will be finished or make the trip to the trash can instead. If I finish them though, they are usually well worth it and tend to be my favorites.

Good luck with yours Linda, I hope to see it in a future blog post.


Diane said...

It looks wonderful in her kitchen! Great job, Linda! xoxo Diane

Bronwyn, said...

I haven't tried the hammer technique.....bit too extreme for me, I think! ;-)

NeereAnDear said...

Love to see when art goes to a good home... rather fun ...

I too hear you on doing a painting over and over again ... the frustration of not getting it right... long walks ... a few days away from the painting ... starting on another while letting that one sit... all seems to help... then again a SAW might do the trick too!! hehehe