Friday, July 18, 2014

new works on paper

8" x 8" acrylic and collage on paper

8" x 8" acrylic and collage on paper

Happy Friday, the 18th! These two sweet little paintings have just joined the untitled series I've been working on. Both of these are originals are available in my Etsy Shop here and here.

Thanks to Lidy from for featuring my "Windswept" painting as part of her "weekend picks for an office space" post. Her decor and design blog is really fun and inspiring!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Everyone Else is Shouting"
12" x 12" acrylic on paper

Hi everyone...I haven't been paying enough attention to my blog lately. I'm sorry Mr. Blog. Been busy painting away and working on my Etsy shop so I haven't been able to devote much attention to you. I shall try and do better.

Hey...I just purchased a really good art book about Franz Kline. I highly recommend it! 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

8" x 8" acrylic, collage, ink and crayon on paper

"Float Away"
8" x 8" acrylic and collage on paper

Two new paintings to start off the week! Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is a painting I've been working on…with a looser style and quick brush. I considered it about half finished yesterday but today…I'm kinda liking it the way it is. Think I will just make a few minor adjustments and see what happens to the next one.

I'm really liking this canvas size too…24" x 24". Not too large and not too small…just right!

Monday, March 17, 2014

8" x 8" acrylic on canvas with...collage, oil pencil and caran d'ache crayons

I've been away from blogging for awhile. Been so busy doing other things for Abby Creek that I had to let the blog slide for awhile. Good to be back though!

I've been having fun using a new app called WALNUT that let's you see what your artwork looks like hanging in different interior settings. Give it a try.

Hope you're all doing well! Happy St. Patty's Day and may the luck of the Irish be upon you!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Abstract on Canvas

"Fearless Heart"

16" x 16" acrylic on canvas

New painting! I also used caran d'ache crayon, black ink, acrylic paint pen and collage paper.

I would love it if you would leave me a comment about what feelings it evokes for you.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Think...Outside the Box

"Outside the Box"
13" x 16" acrylic on canvas

"This afternoon
in my grade level meeting
I must be prepared to
"think outside the box."

Right now
I'm remembering
the painstaking effort it took
to get in the box
in the first place.

Will there be applause
when we emerge?
Will the applause gratify us
the way the gasps of disbelief did
when we tucked our
last body

Poem by Mary Lee Hahn

Friday, July 12, 2013

New acrylic on paper

"Safe and Sound"
8" x 8" acrylic on paper

Safe and Sound

Streaks of red,
Paint the sky,
Pink, orange, and gold.

Before the sun,
Falls from the sky,
And everything goes cold.

Indigo returns,
As do the stars,
A bright, shining light.

Guiding you back,
To your safe haven,
Away from the frozen, dark night.

But you want to begin again,
Stop feeling so small!

So you wait away,
For the light to peek around,

To make your new start,
This time, safe and sound.

~poem by JustARose

Monday, July 08, 2013

New Artist in Town!

Drawing by Valerie

Hi everyone, hope you had a great holiday weekend. I think I'm full now from potato salad, baked beans and cheesecake leftovers...although I enjoyed every bite!

A weekend highlight for me was having Valerie, a lovely young artist, come to visit my studio. Valerie is going to be in the 7th grade this year and wants to study art and have her own studio some day. As you can see from the drawing she did for me as a thank you...she is well on her way. I was really impressed by her artistic vision and I was so pleased to have the chance to see more beautiful drawings in her sketchbook. Her talent and creative spark were a joy to be around. What a wonderful new light in the art world!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


8" x 8" acrylic on paper

Besides working on lots of new paintings, I'm sprucing up my studio a bit. Can't show you the whole space just yet because it's still a work in progress. 

I WILL show you these cool new gray chairs and red rug I bought at IKEA for a corner "relax and contemplate" area. You can change out the fabric covers whenever you need if Maisie decides to step in paint and plant her little paw marks on them, well, you get the idea!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Abstract Exploration

8" x 8" acrylic, ink, crayon and collage on paper

These small abstracts on paper that I've been painting have inspired me. I've been working out some new ideas and techniques and I like the directions they're taking me. Below are the beginnings of four new ones. I love the rawness of the underlayers!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mixed Media on Paper

8 x 8 mixed media on paper

Sonnet IX: There where the waves shatter

There where the waves shatter on the restless rocks

the clear light bursts and enacts its rose,
and the sea-circle shrinks to a cluster of buds,
to one drop of blue salt, falling.

O bright magnolia bursting in the foam,
magnetic transient whose death blooms
and vanishes--being, nothingness--forever:
broken salt, dazzling lurch of the sea.

You & I, Love, together we ratify the silence,
while the sea destroys its perpetual statues,
collapses its towers of wild speed and whiteness:

because in the weavings of those invisible fabrics,
galloping water, incessant sand,
we make the only permanent tenderness. 

~Pablo Neruda

Monday, June 10, 2013


8" x 8" acrylic, ink, crayon on paper

Happy June 10th! I've been working on four different paintings...two works on paper just finished and two on canvas waiting to get there. The one above will be available in my Etsy shop very soon.

I feel like I have so many irons in the fire right now...changing my website and totally re-organizing my studio are two of them. Lots of new things coming though...just gotta keep myself from getting dizzy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Paper and Poetry

"Windswept 4"
acrylic and collage on paper
8" x 8"

It's a warm and a breezy afternoon here in Boulder. My studio door is open, Maisie is laying in front of it...soaking in fresh air and listening to distant bird songs and dog barks. Seems like winter is a long lost dream now.

After the Winter

Some day, when trees have shed their leaves
     And against the morning’s white
The shivering birds beneath the eaves
     Have sheltered for the night,
We’ll turn our faces southward, love,
     Toward the summer isle
Where bamboos spire the shafted grove
     And wide-mouthed orchids smile.

And we will seek the quiet hill
     Where towers the cotton tree,
And leaps the laughing crystal rill,
     And works the droning bee.
And we will build a cottage there
     Beside an open glade,
With black-ribbed blue-bells blowing near,
     And ferns that never fade.

~Claude McKay

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Paintings on Paper

"Windswept 3"
acrylic and collage on paper
8" x 8"

This is the third painting on paper in the Windswept series. I'm really enjoying working on paper for a change...and on some smaller pieces.

I've been preoccupied lately with designing a new website too...I'm using Have you heard about them? I really like what I've seen...simple and clean templates, stylish and contemporary at the same time. The best part is that I will be able to incorporate my website, blog, gallery and Etsy shop all in one place. Easier to use...easier to update. Check them out!

We've gone straight from winter to summer here in Boulder...high 80's today. Might have to get Maisie's kiddie pool out. Wait a minute...I'm not done with spring yet!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

8" x 8" acrylic and collage on canvas

Here's the sister painting to "Windswept"which you can see if my previous blog post. This one is also available in my Etsy shop here.

A friend turned me on to the daily online "Writer's Almanac" recently. Check it has some fantastic poetry and other juicy good tidbits.

Friday, April 26, 2013

New works on paper

Acrylic and Collage on Paper
8"x 8" 

I'm starting on a new series of Abstracts on Paper (8" x 8" format). Having a lot of fun with them! Paper has such a different feeling than canvas and I think switching the ground you work on is good for variety and new experiences.

I just listed this one in my Etsy shop here.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Imagine a beautiful world

12" x 13" acrylic and collage on canvas
April 2013


Come with me and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination

We'll begin with a spin
Trav'ling in the world of my creation
What we'll see will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world, there's nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be

 ~ Roald Dahl

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Painting and Museum Visit

"Room to Grow"
16" x 16" acrylic on canvas

Here's a new painting, just finished...a little different palette used than in the last few pieces.

James and I went to the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver recently and loved it. The current exhibition is  Red/Yellow/Blue which displays Still's interest in using primary color in many of his works. I was really drawn to this one in his yellow series. Beeeeeautiful!

You can read more about Clyfford Still's life and work on the museum blog here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Landscape it is!

"Let it Rest"
10" x 12" acrylic on canvas
soon to be available on Etsy

Just finished this painting today. The funny thing about that after I had completed work on it the other day, James came into the studio when I wasn't there and turned it upside down. He said it looked like a really interesting landscape and he liked it that way.

After looking at it again, I tended to agree so I continued to work on it in the position he left it. I started out with such a different intention with this piece but my husband gently nudged me in a new direction. The magic of art making...I love it when things like that happen!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Painting

6" x 6" acrylic and collage on board

New painting just finished yesterday...working on a smaller surface this time.

I'm heading to California for a few days to see family. I'll be back in the studio at the end of next week, looking forward to finishing up some other new works to show you!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year New Start

"Cool of the Night"
30" x 30" acrylic and collage on canvas
One of the paintings I completed after the Bloom True e-course

Here we to a New Year full of possibility!

I didn't quite make it back to the blog in September as I had hoped to. Let's just say that 2012 was a very challenging year so my work had to take a back seat for most of it. I've started to paint again though so I hope 2013 is filled with creative joy, health and happiness. It's nice to be back!

I'm a little late in posting this but...I did manage to take an e-course with Flora Bowley a couple of months ago. I wanted to challenge myself with some new techniques and learn from the experiences of other Artists. It was a great few weeks of exploration. Flora is an inspiring try one of her e-courses if you need a creative boost! Check out her Bloom True Facebook page too.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Guest Curator

Hello...and good Monday morning! Head on over to, a fantastic site for all things creative... run by the wonderfully talented, Jenny Doh. I am a Guest Curator there this week so I will be spotlighting other Artists and Blogs that inspire me. Hope they inspire you too!